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"I hurt my back playing basketball and it was painful to walk and stand without shooting pains form my lower back to my calf.....John was able to tell me the cause of the problem and reduced the pain . I am finally pain free after a year, I only wish I had met John earlier!"

Andrew M


"Having being recommended to John for my permanently aching hips and restricted movement in both neck and shoulders, the improvement is excellent. I have already passed John's name to other people."

Steven J


"John has been treating me for my longstanding neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, rib and lumbar spine pain with sciatica. I have been very impressed with his treatment skills and his knowledge and professionalism. He puts you at your ease immediately.

My conditions are reposponding positively under John's care and I am optimistic about the future for the first time in a long time.

Thank you for your treatment John"

Christine W


"Before receiving treatment for back pain and hip pain I was unable to stand upright due to a slipped disc which was very painful. The treatment I reseived from John has been to a high standard in a warm and friendly atmosphere and the aftercare has been to a high standard too"

Angela G


"Following an extrememly painful injury to my wrists, particularly the ligaments leading to both my thumbs, I was recommended to consult with John and let him evaluate my injury. During and after the first session I felt John understood very quickly my concerns and most importantly what had happened. I had been suffering for about 3 weeks and John very quickly (unlike my GP) started treatment and I immediateky noticed an dramatic improvement! Each further session proved invaluable and prompted a quick recovery"

Mark P


"Hi John,
Just wanted to let you know I'm really pleased with the results of my visits to you and I am passing on your name and number to all friends and family with back/neck complaints.
After two visits to John for treatment of my pregnancy related condition Symphis pubis dysfunction I found great relief.
On the first visit John listened to me talk through my current problem and also asked about my medical history and recorded things like accidents or hospital visits throughout my life. He then observed my posture and my walk.
My first visit was 45mins and John was able to identify the mis-alignment within my pelvis, he then positioned me and performed some simple, painless movements in the pelvis area. This relieved the immediate pain and after a couple of days I was relieved of the pain I had been experiencing during the evenings and throughout the night in my pubis bone area. I was having sleepless nights and every time I turned in bed my hips/pelvis would crunch and ache, which was awful.
I visited John a second time the following week to check my progress. I had been relieved of some of the pain however I still had a lot of stiffness in my hips and lower back. Again John moved and twisted my body into simple positions this time in my lower back/hip area. He then used acupuncture into the stiff muscles in my hips/buttocks. The relief after the acupuncture needle was removed was incredible. The pain I had in my symphis pubis area as well as the aching and stiffness I had permanently in my hips was gone.

At the end of this session John showed my husband a number of positions and massage techniques that he could perform on me to help alleviate the pain throughout the rest of my pregnancy and to help me during my labour.
This condition will be with me throughout my pregnancy but I feel confident I have prevented it from causing me constant pain and discomfort with John's help and I can re-visit John for pain relief if I do aggravate it by doing too much.
I'm extremely satisfied with the results of my visits to John and would recommend any pregnant ladies with this condition to get treatment from him.
Thanks for your help, no offence but hope to not see you soon!"

Julie E