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Pregnancy Osteopathy




During pregnancy there are huge changes in the mother’s body, both physical and hormonal.


The body finds itself under great pressure as the baby grows in the womb. Its extra weight, which can be up to 10kg of baby, water and placenta, results in a changed centre of gravity and postural changes from week to week.


Aches and pains arise as a result of the body adapting to this. For example as breast weight increases, the added strain on the upper back and neck can result in pain. 


However, despite what you may have heard, back pain, leg pain (sciatica) and hip pain are not an inevitable result of being pregnant. There are many women who go through to full term without any problems. 



How can Osteopathy help pregnancy? 


Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy is safe and effective and, most importantly for you, quick.


The majority of pregnant patients are treated once or twice which is normally enough to be rid of the symptoms. We will discuss your treatments with you at the first meeting.


The Osteopath's main priority is to ensure the complete safety of mother and baby. Osteopathic treatment throughout pregnancy is a gentle way of aiding the body to adapt to the changes it goes though.


Each woman is treated as an individual and we take time at the initial consultation to cover all aspects of your pregnancy. 


Osteopathy can provide relief from:


Low back and leg pain
Groin pain (also known as Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction or SPD)
Neck and shoulder pain
Chest and rib pain
Sciatic leg pain


  What does treatment involve?

Treatment will involve various massage techniques plus gentle mobilisation and stretching of joints. You will be given simple home exercises regimes and back care advice.

You will also receive tips on posture, back care and how to deal with any pain you may be in during pregnancy. We can advise you how your birth partner can help you as you approach full-term.

The treatment is tailored to the patient and above all is gentle and safe. We like to see the pregnant women regularly throughout the pregnancy to ensure that her body is coping with the new stresses and strains on it and that she is fully prepared for the labour ahead. 

If you like we can keep in close contact with your midwife, that way we can all be sure that you are fully taken care of right up to the day of birth.