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Medical Acupuncture




Osteopathy-acupunctureAcupuncture encourages the body to heal itself and to regulate pain. It seems that it stimulates our nervous system to release certain chemicals and hormones and increases blood flow which reduce pain in the area treated. At the same time the muscle is encouraged to relax so reducing the associated stiffness.


Acupuncture dates back around 5000 years - stone acupuncture needles have been found by archeologists in inner Mongolia whereas the modern form of this (Medical Acupuncture) was developed in the 1970's and combines some of the traditional Chinese methods with modern medical knowledge to produce a safe but effective treatment.


Medical Acupunctureat Freedom Osteopathy is a form of acupuncture that works very well alongside Osteopathy.


A very fine needle is used to release the muscle tightness that is associated with many types of pain.  


Medical acupuncture is particularly effective in treating headaches and painful trigger points in muscles and enables access to deeper tissues that may be inaccessible to massage. Acupuncture is also recommended by National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) for low back pain.


Acupuncture and Osteopathy


Medical Acupuncture is a perfect complement to Osteopathy and other manual therapies as it is quick and simple to perform and often produces rapid results.


Normally the extremely fine acupuncture needle is only required to stay in the body for about 10 seconds and in the course of a treatment between 5-10 needles are used. This allows the Osteopath to combine acupuncture with a normal Osteopathic session and helps to speed up recovery times significantly.


We have found that most patients respond well to Acupuncture with the majority reporting around a 50% improvement within 24-48 hours.